How do I care for my new countertops?

*GMT Stoneworks installation using 3cm Crema Bordeaux   Natural stone materials seem like a great investment, but isn’t it complicated to maintain them? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Just follow a few simple, common sense rules and-

2cm Solarius Kitchen and Bathrooms

PRE-FABRICATED GRANITE This kitchen was installed using 2cm pre-fabricated Solarius granite. We have not seen Solarius granite come in so light in color so it was a pleasant surprise to see the result of this kitchen installed! We are even-

2cm Uba Tuba Pre-fabricated Granite

Pre-fabricated Granite Countertops   Pre-fabricated granite is available in a large variety of colors and it is a cost effective way to update most kitchens and bathrooms. Pre-fabricated granite is 2cm laminated granite that is already cut to kitchen counter-

2cm Cloud River Quartz

The Beauty of Quartz This kitchen remodel turned out beautiful! Our client purchased all new cabinets, used stainless steel appliances and decided to use 2cm Cloud River quartz for her countertops. Full back splash in the quartz material from the top-

3cm Dusk quartz & 3cm White Sands quartz

A soft, clean, functional, and beautiful design that creates a welcoming space. This finished two-level island design is a beautiful solution that brings family together in the kitchen. The top level of the island is a usable working area for cooking and-

2cm Praa Sands quartz

Quartz is a beautiful counter top option. This is a recent installation we completed using 2cm Praa Sands quartz. It is a beautiful quartz that has a subtle yet striking veining throughout the slab. It looks very complementary with stainless-

3cm White Springs granite

One of our recent installations using 3cm White Springs granite. This color of granite not only brightens the kitchen but it keeps it looking soft and comfortable. A detailed installation like this takes a lot of planning, organization, and hard-

Undermount Sink with 2cm St. Cecilia

Undermount sinks are popular with granite because the sink is mounted under the granite top, allowing for more counter room, and for more of the beautiful granite to show. This gives a cleaner look to the entire room! Undermount sinks-

Bianco Antico: A perfect companion for stainless steel appliances

Bianco Antico is a beautiful white & gray granite that comes from Brazil, it often has soft burgundy, salmon & taupe coloring in the movement. Large and small natural quartz is found in this granite giving each slab a unique-