Slab Yard Address

Below are the addresses to the local slab yards in Tucson. 


Slabs are only sold to licensed fabricators. Please contact us with your slab selections for pricing and include the following information:

        • Is the slab 2cm or 3cm?
        • What color is the slab?
        • What size is the slab?

Please make an appointment with the slab yards to view slabs!

Tips for selecting granite slabs:

Looking through granite slab yards can be a little overwhelming at first. Here are some tips to help you decide what granite is best for your project.

  • Always call to make an appointment! All three slab yards have customer service representatives who want to help you, but they can become busy fast. An appointment means that they will be able to take the time with you to assist you with your project.
  • Things to bring with you to the slab yard: cabinet door, paint color swatch, floor/wall tile samples. These will help you color match the granite to your project.
  • 2cm slabs are 3/4” thick and we usually do not recommend the use of these slabs. We laminate (glue) a piece to the front edge of the countertop with 2cm material so the finished countertop is 1-1/2” thick. You will see a small line along the front edge of your countertop when complete. We use a sub-top when installing 2cm material. The labor cost for installing 2cm slabs will be higher because of the extra work and additional materials needed to fabricate.
  • 3cm slabs are 1-1/4” thick and are RECOMMENDED before 2cm slabs will be used. 3cm material is installed directly on top of the cabinets with no sub-top. You will notice the thickness around the polished edge of the under-mount sink cutout and along the top edge of the backsplash against wall. 3cm slabs generally have a cleaner look as a finished countertop.
  • 2cm and 3cm granite slabs with the same name can look completely different. Granite is a natural rock pulled from the mountain and each slab is unique and original.
  • Touch the slab: While looking at slabs, put your hand on the polished surface of the slab and feel for any cracks, natural fissures, chips, scratches or epoxy fill areas. You will be purchasing the slab as you see it. While we can address some minor surface imperfections, most will remain in the finished countertop.
  • Multiple slabs: If your project requires more than one slab, double check that your slab choices are from the same bundle and consecutive. This ensures that your slabs will match if we need to use both in the same area.
  • Some of the slabs will look like beautiful works of art! Just remember that the slab will be cut into sections and some of the visual effects of the full slab will be lost. Sometimes it is best to keep it simple.

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