Waterfall Panels – to do or not to do

(The image is a recent countertop installation that uses 2cm Fairy White quartz.)

What is a waterfall panel or edge?

waterfall panel is easily recognizable because the countertop drops vertically down the sides of an island or open-ended area instead of traditionally stopping at the edge of a cabinet or island. By doing so it creates a continuous visual flow from the floor to the cabinetry.

Will waterfall panels work well in my kitchen?

This is a very common question with homeowners and there are a few things to consider before deciding if a waterfall panel will work in your kitchen. Waterfall panels are often seen in home design television shows and magazines. Because of this spotlight, waterfall panels are often called a “trend”. This is an interesting topic because it is hard to predict what homeowners will like in 10-15 years but these waterfalls panels are definitely a new kid on the block as far as kitchen remodels go. We have installed these panels in several homes over the past few years, all in larger kitchens which have open spaces.

Waterfall panels create a clean, slick look to your kitchen but they can be a very costly add-on using more material and labor. In many cases, additional slabs needed to be purchased to accommodate the panel. The labor is also increase because flooring is not level and we will need to “hand sculpt” the bottom to minimize gaps at the floor.

These panels are commonly seen in business’s and offices but transferring that look into your home is not often a good idea. They tend to look sterile and cold which conflicts with the homeowners ideal image of warm and inviting.

Waterfall panels can quickly close up space between areas and they are not often an ideal look to have in a living home. Large, open kitchens are best for these panels which can help maintain a clean look. In this recent installation, the side panels are a good idea for the homeowner because she entertains for her church groups and these panels help keep the cabinets in good shape and clean with heavy traffic.

Here are a few comments found on houzz.com that can help you decide if Waterfall panels are good for your project:

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    As someone with a countertop waterfall, I personally think it is a very stylish addition to your kitchen should you have the space and funds for it! I was actually not too convinced about it until I stumbled upon an article by Caesarstone. Here is where you can find this guide should you want to be educated on it as well.

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