Sparkling White Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Sparkling White Quartz

Sparkling White quartz is a staple in the countertop world. It is a white quartz with clear glass and mirror flecks. It has several other names depending on the vendor that supplies it. White Ice quartz, Iced White quartz, Oceana quartz, White Sparkle quartz, Whitney quartz, etc. It looks simply amazing in virtually any design or color palette and it gives a classic look that isn’t overwhelming. 

Looking back through our installation projects this year, it looks like Sparkling White quartz (and other comparable white quartz with glass and mirror flecks in it) is the most common quartz color for our customers in 2019. We averaged 4 houses a month installing this color and we still have another month to go!

Here are a couple photos from an installation last week. Both of these projects used the Sparkling White quartz from Window Depot and both will be equally beautiful after their projects have been completed.

This kitchen and bath project (shown below) is not finished yet as the homeowner was going to add a tile splash after we completed the countertop. The brown cabinets keep the area looking warm and comfortable while the white countertop brightens the room. This kitchen did have a raised bar top that was lowered to provide an open feel to the living room and the kitchen. The homeowner wanted to extend the design to the bathroom to keep the rooms consistent (click photos to view larger images):

Another installation last week was this kitchen (shown below). The homeowner wanted a light and bright feel so she decided to use as much white as possible. A full quartz backsplash on the walls helps complete the flow of the quartz. After the stainless steel appliances arrive, white electrical outlets are installed, the under cabinet is completed and some finishing detail to the walls this kitchen will look bright and welcoming (click photos to view larger images):

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