Quartz Countertop Colors that looks like Marble

Quartz is a popular material used in countertops and other surfaces due to its durability and low maintenance. While quartz itself is not a natural stone like marble, it can be engineered to resemble the look of marble.

Manufacturers create quartz countertops with a process that combines ground quartz crystals with resins, pigments, and other materials. By manipulating the composition and design, they can achieve a wide range of colors and patterns, including those that mimic the appearance of marble.

The patterns found in quartz that resembles marble typically feature veining, swirls, and variations in color similar to natural marble. The level of realism can vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer. Some quartz products are highly realistic and can closely resemble specific marble varieties, while others may have a more generic marble-like appearance.

When shopping for quartz countertops that resemble marble, you’ll find various brand names and styles available in the market. Some popular options include:

  1. Calacatta quartz: Inspired by Calacatta marble, this style features a white background with bold, elegant veins in gray or gold.
  2. Carrara quartz: Mimicking Carrara marble, this option offers a white or off-white base with soft gray veins and a classic look.
  3. Statuario quartz: Resembling Statuario marble, this style usually showcases a white background with thick, dramatic gray veins.
  4. Arabescato quartz: This style imitates Arabescato marble, displaying a white or creamy background with intricate gray veining.
  5. Thassos quartz: Inspired by Thassos marble, this style typically features a pure white background with subtle or minimal veining.

Remember to visit showrooms or request samples to see the quartz options in person, as colors and patterns can vary between manufacturers.

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Five Arizona Tile Della Terra Quartz Colors that look like Marble

Della Terra® Quartz consists of up to 94% quartz, one of the hardest minerals in nature. Because of its high quartz content and density, it’s resistant to chips and scratches, as well as highly resistant to staining. It is important to note that quartz is not scratch-proof. In contrast, marble is a hard durable stone that will last a long time with the proper maintenance. However, marbles are softer than quartz and may be more susceptible to scratching and chipping.

Quartz has very low porosity, therefore most quartz products do not require sealing. Marble, on the other hand, is naturally porous and more vulnerable to staining. It is recommended that a sealer be applied soon after installation and re-sealed every six months. It’s also important to avoid acidic liquids from coming in contact with the surface of marble such as lemons, tomatoes, and vinegar as it can cause etching.

Della Terra® Quartz gives you all the luxury of natural stone but at times can be considered less maintenance. Because of its resistance to staining, it’s easier to keep white quartz-like Bertoli looking timeless and beautiful.

Another benefit if you choose quartz countertops to emulate the look of marble is that they are low maintenance and can be cleaned with extreme ease.  For routine cleaning, simply wipe the quartz down with a damp cloth or paper towel. If more is needed, a gentle soap or pH-neutral cleaner is best. It is important to note that you should never use strong, abrasive cleaning products.

Cleaning marble surfaces is very similar. As with all stone products, it’s always good to clean up any spills quickly to minimize any “beauty marks” caused by usage.

Whether you’re looking for quartz that resembles your favorite marble variety or you want something especially distinctive, there are a variety of options available. Here are five quartz colors that mimic the appearance of marble:

Bertoli quartz

Hana Sky quartz

Palmeri quartz

Zuri quartz

Citrine quartz

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Five Daltile One Quartz Surfaces that looks like Marble

With the ONE Quartz Surfaces® assortment, Daltile has brought together the beauty of quartz and modern technology to create new and exciting possibilities. ONE Quartz Surfaces® gives you more design choices for your next project. The low maintenance and durability of ONE Quartz Surfaces® countertops make them perfect for any application, commercial or residential. Functional yet chic, that’s what ONE Quartz Surfaces® is all about.

  • ONE Quartz Surfaces products are nonporous, reducing the potential for bacteria growth, resisting common food stains, and are stronger than natural granite.
  • ONE Quartz Surfaces products are virtually maintenance-free.
  • ONE Quartz Surfaces products contain natural quartz stone providing consistent color and visual movement. A wide range of color options allows for more design freedom.
  • ONE Quartz Surfaces products have a durable, scratch-resistant surface.
  • ONE Quartz Surfaces products are heat and scorch-resistant under normal cooking conditions (use of a trivet is recommended for long or extreme heat exposure).
  • Visit daltile.com/countertops-product-category/one-quartz for additional marble-look designs.

Carrera Veil quartz

Statuary Glory quartz

Calacatta Aurora quartz

Arabescato Twilight Slab quartz

Calacatta Wisteria quartz

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