Combining Granite and Quartz into a Project

(Kitchen countertop installation using 2cm Sparkling White prefabricated quartz and 2cm Silver Falls prefabricated granite from Window Depot.)

What is prefabricated granite/quartz?

Prefabricated granite/quartz is material that has already been cut to standard counter depth before arriving at the fabricator and the edge profile has been created for you. Because prefabricated material is mass-produced and “cut to fit” it is more affordable than a full raw slab of material.

As a guide, prefabricated granite/quartz is best suited for straight-run kitchens and bathrooms. In kitchens with “L-shapes” or angles, raw slab granite/quartz is best suited so we can minimize seams and prevent the “patched” look that prefabricated material can sometimes create.

In this recent installation, we used 2cm Sparkling White prefabricated quartz as the perimeter countertops and 2cm Silver Falls prefabricated granite on the island. The client will be adding a tile backsplash to complete the project. The cabinet designers at Window Depot helped put together the cabinet package and helped to create a functional living space that looks modern and clean.

Combining the two different countertop materials is a unique way of adding a special touch to your kitchen. Our client wanted to keep the perimeter soft and simple. With under-cabinet lighting the reflective mirror in the quartz will brighten and give a hint of sparkle to the kitchen. The granite island is the highlighted centerpiece of the kitchen and the natural movement in the stone stands out. 

This kitchen has a modern design that is beautiful and its functionality will last for a lifetime!

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