A challenge with prefabricated material

(The image above is 2cm Sunset Canyon prefabricated granite.)

Prefabricated granite or quartz can be a great value if used in the correct application.

We have been seeing more and more homeowners interested in prefabricated granite or quartz to use in their countertop projects. While it appears to present a great value there are some challenges that need to be addressed. Here is a photo of two pieces of 2cm Sunset Canyon prefabricated granite that we cut and installed in a customers home:

Here is a photo that installation:

The colors of both pieces appeared very consistent while we worked on it in our shop and when it was transported to the house. When we placed the pieces on the cabinets we could see a visible “shade” difference.  We are working with the homeowner to find a suitable replacement.

Prefabricated granite and quartz slabs come from different dye-lots and different raw sheets. It is almost impossible to have a clean match because there is no record of which dye-lot or raw sheet it was cut from. When vendors receive a shipment of prefabricated slabs, they arrive in crates. It is only assumed that the crates contain slabs from the same lot.

Prefabricated granite and quartz is best suited for areas that:

  • do not require seams
  • that will not be touching
  • countertops that are straight runs like galley kitchens and bathrooms

In kitchens or areas that are larger and require pieces to be seamed we recommend using a full raw slab sheet. While using a raw slab sheet is a more expensive option it will always have a beautiful result!

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