3cm White Springs granite

One of our recent installations using 3cm White Springs granite. This color of granite not only brightens the kitchen but it keeps it looking soft and comfortable.

3cm White Springs MEE 1

A detailed installation like this takes a lot of planning, organization, and hard work.

This may appear to be a small kiitchen but at 165 square feet and using 4 raw granite slabs, this was a lengthy installation.

It takes precise measuring to fit the full backsplash on the walls, under the window and under the bar top along with several electrical outlets cut out in the granite. Not shown is the cooktop cutout and the expanded granite counter behind it.

This kitchen has a multi-level bar top that is not only function as a seating area but also allows for a pass-through area and lower-level seating area.

Our staff did an amazing job on this project! To turn your kitchen into an amazing living space, contact us today for a consultation.

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