2cm Uba Tuba Pre-fabricated Granite

Pre-fabricated Granite Countertops


Pre-fabricated granite is available in a large variety of colors and it is a cost effective way to update most kitchens and bathrooms. Pre-fabricated granite is 2cm laminated granite that is already cut to kitchen counter depth, usually 96″-108″ in length and has the front edge-work already completed, usually in the Full Bullnose edge profile.

This is a recent installation using 2cm Uba Tuba pre-fabricated granite slabs. We used two of the 108″ long pre-fabricated pieces and we seamed the pieces together just to the right of the under mount sink. With pre-fabricated granite, anytime there is a “turn” a seam will be needed since the pieces are only available in specific sizes.

This color choice turned out perfect for this homeowner! She was able to find complementary tile for the backsplash and the cabinets look beautiful with the granite color choice. Pre-fabricated granite is not suitable for every kitchen. If your kitchen has straight, short runs of cabinets, no curves or large over-hangs, pre-fabricated granite might be a good choice.

To see if pre-fabricated granite will work in your kitchen, contact us today for a consultation.

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