Sunset Canyon Prefabricated Granite from Window Depot

What is prefabricated granite?

Prefabricated granite is granite that has already been cut to standard counter depth before arriving at the fabricator and the edge profile has been created for you. Because prefabricated granite is mass-produced and “cut to fit” it is more affordable than a full raw slab of granite.

As a guide, prefabricated granite is best suited for straight-run kitchens and bathrooms. In kitchens with “L-shapes” or angles, raw slab granite is best suited so we can minimize seams and prevent the “patched” look that prefabricated granite can sometimes create.

In this recent installation, we used 2cm Sunset Canyon prefabricated granite from Window Depot. We worked with the homeowner to help him select the material that will best fit the shape of his kitchen. 

This color of granite is perfect for his design. All of the shades blend very well and it looks elegant and updated. Our fabricator carefully cut the two peninsula pieces so that the patterns would match up as best as possible to help minimize the appearance of the seam.

We used prefabricated “stock” slabs on the perimeter and then two of the larger “peninsula” on the angled countertop. You can see in the photo below that the stock slabs are slightly darker than the peninsula piece even though they are named the same color:

In this situation, the color variation works perfectly with the design. The angled countertop brightens the room and with some under-cabinet lighting the perimeter will look stunning.

Differences in color with the same name are very common with granite which is why it is very important to purchase material from the same bundle or crate. Granite is a natural stone that comes from the mountain. As the quarry works through the mountain, darker and lighter shades of the stone are discovered by sold under the same color name.

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