2cm Praa Sands quartz from Cambria

2cm Praa Sands quartz Taylor1

Quartz is a beautiful countertop option.

This is a recent installation we completed using 2cm Praa Sands quartz from Cambria. It is a beautiful quartz that has a subtle yet striking veining throughout the slab. It looks very complementary with stainless steel appliances. The peninsula counter top fits the porcelain farm sink perfectly and allows for plenty of counter work space and seating.

Cambria quartz is naturally stain resistant and maintenance free. Warm water and a mild cleaner if desired will keep Cambria spotless. It does not need sealing or any other special topical treatments. Bleach, abrasives and other harsh chemicals should be avoided. Quartz is NOT heat proof, chemical proof, or fracture proof in any form.

Cambria is much harder than granite or marble so it’s able to handle just about anything your customers can dish out without scratching or chipping. For high-traffic and heavy-use areas, Cambria is the ideal surface.

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