Alpine White Granite


 * Timeless Natural Beauty *

Here are a few photos of another installation we completed several years ago. This installation used 2cm Alpine White granite but the homeowner wanted it fabricated a little different than usual. She wanted her granite countertop to be only 3/4″ thick and she wanted no overhang. She wanted the look of granite but also a modern look to match the style of her cabinets.

2cm granite is 3/4″ thick compared to 3cm granite which is 1-1/4″ thick. With 2cm granite, we usually glue a piece to the front edge to build it up so it looks 1-1/2″ thick. The glue line will always be visible although we do our best to try to hide it. 

The 2cm Alpine White granite has a lot of chunky quartz areas and veining that give this countertop a unique look that is enjoyable to look at. This kitchen looks as beautiful now as it did after installation. Granite has a timeless beauty that is lasting!

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